Screen Credit Quiz! (Decade Edition 3)

In this Screen Credit Quiz, each one is from a different decade (from the 1940's to 2010's).   
Here's what to do: name the film by the title card and put your guesses into the comment section!

1. 1940's

2. 1950's

3. 1960's

4. 1970's

5. 1980's

6. 1990's

7. 2000's

8. 2010's

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  1. 1. Dumbo?
    2. The Day the Earth Stood Still
    3. Spartacus
    4. The Conversation
    5. National Lampoon's Vacation
    6. Good Will Hunting
    7. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King?
    8. Saving Mr. Banks?