20th Century Fox Logo

Going through the history of the Fox logo, I immersed myself in all the different variations over the years.  Now, most of the recent ones involve a background or color change, but a bunch adapt the Newman music. 
So here are a few of my favorites and some others over the years.

Fox Fanfare 1935-1953 (Original)

Fox Fanfare with CinemaScope - Empire Strikes Back 1980

1975 Rocky Horror Picture Show
This is one of the first logos I know of that changed the orchestration for the individual movie.

1990 Edward Scissorhands
Danny Elfman's music replaces the normal Fanfare as the snow falls

1992 Alien3
Man, this still creeps me out.

2007 The Simpsons Movie

There are obviously way more than I listed: Cannonball Run, X-Men, Moulin Rouge, Minority Report, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and many more. Whoever comes up with this stuff is great.

Edit: Here is the E News video on the 1994 re-recording of the fanfare. This is awesome.

E! Channel on the new 20th Century Fox Fanfare -... by videohollic

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  1. Very cool.

    You should do the histories of the WB and Universal logos sometime also. It seems like those two are among the most altered of the major studios.