Monday, September 30, 2013

Title Oddities and More Punny Track Titles

Composers seem love puns and many have included their own take in various albums and track titles.  Previously I've looked at John Williams Repeating Titles, Danny Elfman Repeating Titles and Michael Giacchino Puns.  

Here are some more oddities and puns to enjoy!    

MARCO BELTRAMI has used some great puns over the years, including some actor references in The Watcher, the Max Payne puns could be in a list of their own, and puns on his collaborators, Buck Sanders and Marcus Trumpp.  Here are some of my favorites.  

The Cue from Hell (Scream, 1996)
Dopple Gailer (Scream 3, 2000)
Vamp On a G String (Dracula 2000, 2000)
Keanuvision (The Watcher, 2000)
Queen of Spaders (The Watcher, 2000)
Hot Tomei-to (The Watcher, 2000)
Nomack the Knife (Blade II, 2002)
I.H.O. Paincakes (Blade II, 2002)
Charge of the Light Grenade (Blade II, 2002)
What Do You Want On Your Tombstone? (Terminator 3, 2003)
Ol' Timey Music (Underworld: Evolution, 2006)
Marcus Trummped (Underworld: Evolution, 2006)
Who Let the Cows Out? (3:10 to Yuma, 2007)
Payneful Piano (Max Payne, 2008)
Roll Over Beethoven (Knowing, 2009)
Lamb Lamp Lambency (Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, 2010)
Sander Bucks (The Thing, 2011)
Music for Airport Zombies (Warm Bodies, 2013)
Marcus' Trump Stumps (Warm Bodies, 2013)
Get to the Choppa! (A Good Day To Die Hard, 2013)
Logan's Run (The Wolverine, 2013)
Whole Step Haiku (The Wolverine, 2013)
Matzah-Hisu (The Wolverine, 2013)

CHRISTOPHER YOUNG has also used some great puns in his track titles over the years, most notably his composer-related puns.  Here's a quick list of some of my favorites.  See if you can guess what composer has hidden in the title.

Her Man Awaits (Pranks, 1982)
Jerry's Gold Myth (The Power, 1984)

A New Man's Destiny (Def-Con 4, 1985)
Freed of Her (Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2, 1985)
Brought on by Night (Hellraiser, 1987)
Skin Her Alive (Hellbound: Hellraiser II, 1988)
A North Passage (Bat*21, 1988)
Polidori's Potions (Haunted Summer, 1988)
Too Morose? (Bright Angel, 1990)
Dela Rue (The Vagrant, 1992)
KaperKut (Rapid Fire, 1992)
Lena Lai (Dream Lover, 1993)

Rag Skin Blues (Dream Lover, 1993)
Rota Rooter (Set It Off, 1996)
Barrytone Sex (The Man Who Knew Too Little, 1997)

Bee Wax Menthol (Judas Kiss, 1998)
The Dancing Jars (Entrapment, 1999)
Ant Heel Blues (In Too Deep, 1999)
Sire Shire (Wonder Boys, 1999)
Previncial Illusions (Swordfish, 2001)
Alwyn Spires (The Shipping News, 2001)
Grusin Twosome (Bandits, 2001)

ELLIOT GOLDENTHAL makes you want to grab your music dictionary.  Many track titles over the years use music terminology and dance styles, with a lot in Latin or Italian thrown in.  

Alien³ (1992)
Agnus Dei 
Lullaby Elegy 
Demolition Man (1993)
Dies Irae 
Machine Waltz 
Interview with a Vampire (1994)
Libera Me 
Lestat's Tarantella 
Claudia's Allegro Agitato 
Marche Fun√©bre 
Lestat's Recitative 
Santiago's Waltz 
Cobb (1994)
Variations on an Old Baptist Hymn 
Cooperstown Aria Part I 
Cooperstown Aria Part II 
Georgia Peach Rag 
Sour Mash Scherzo 
Batman Forever (1995)
Perpetuum Mobile 
Nygma Variations (An Ode to Science)
Mouth to Mouth Nocturne 
Gotham City Boogie 
Mr. E's Dance Card (Rumba, Fox-Trot, Waltz & Tango) 
Two-Face Three Step 
Spank Me! Overture 
Michael Collins (1996)
Elegy for a Sunday 
Boland Returns (Kitty's Waltz)
Sphere (1998)
Terror Adagio
In Dreams (1999)
Agitata Dolorosa
Claire's Nocturne
Premonition Lento
Elegy Ostinato 
Titus (1999)
Tamora's Pastorale 
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)
Toccata and Dreamscapes
Adagio and Transfiguration 
S.W.A.T. (2003)
AK-47 Scherzo 
Three Chords in Two Minutes 
The Fascist Shuffle 
The Tempest (2010)
High Day Two-Step
Prospera's Coda

Any other favorite composer titles or ones I've left off?  Leave a comment!

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  1. Great post! I always thought the track Haiku in the Finding Nemo score was an interesting track title. It doesn't really have anything to do with the story (as far as I know) but the shots shown at that time are composed like a Haiku poem.