Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Weepy Donuts

One of the stranger titles to repeat on soundtracks would have to be Weepy Donuts.  It has occurred on a bunch of Danny Elfman soundtracks and is a strange in-joke with director Gus Van Sant.  And the fun part is that we don’t know what the in-joke is.  Here is the list of Weepy Donuts appearing: 
Weepy Donuts seems to have first appeared as a track name in To Die For (1996)

The next example comes from the next Van Sant/Elfman collaboration Good Will Hunting (1998).  One of two Elfman score tracks on the original soundtrack album, this Weepy Donuts is certainly the most popular on the list. 

For the 1998 Gus Van Sant remake of Psycho (which featured Bernard Herrmann’s original score adapted by Danny Elfman and Steve Bartek), the end credits featured a song called Weepy Donuts written and performed by Bill Frisell and Wayne Horvitz.

After a long break, Weepy Donuts made an appearance in the film Milk (2008).

Weepy Donuts also made an appearance in the cue list of Terminator Salvation (2008).

As before, Weepy Donuts appears in the Gus Van Sant film, Restless (2011).  

Surprise surprise!  Weepy Donuts appears in the new Gus Van Sant film, Promised Land (2012).  

Good news everyone!  Weepy Donuts appears in the next Van Sant film, Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot (2018).


  1. How many times has Elfman written a track called "Final Confrontation"?

    1. As far as I know 8 times:
      Batman, Batman Retuns, Spiderman, Sleepy Hollow, Termination Salvation, Dark Shadows, Alice In Wonderland, Frankenweenie.

  2. And in Edward Scissorhands - total of 9 times and counting!!

  3. It's also a cue from The Frighteners (1996).