Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Paramount Logo

Previously, I've looked at the fun changing logos of 20th Century Fox, Universal, Warner Bros and Disney.  It's now time for Paramount.  The other companies seem to have changed their logo drastically for individual films, but Paramount has done a few fun ones and some other small changes in their 100 year history as a major studio. 

Paramount, which was founded in 1912, still uses the logo it originated in 1914.  Nicknamed the Majestic Mountain, it has featured a mountain with originally 24 stars circling it.  The stars represented each of the 24 original contract players.  One of the most interesting features of the logo is that it really doesn't have a fanfare.  Often times, the logo would appear as the film's score would begin.  Yes, there were years of the Paramount on Parade fanfare, but certainly nothing on the level of Fox or even Universal. 

So here is my showcase of interesting Paramount logos over the years.  Enjoy.

This first logo, from Follow Thru (1930)

Sunset Boulevard (1950) opens with the Paramount Logo over the sidewalk.

The Ten Commandments (1956) features a different colored sky and mountain, with
Cecil B. De Mille in an extra large font underneath.

One of the major changes to the official logo was the "Blue Mountain" edition, which ran from 1975-1986.  It also includes the Gulf+Western byline.  During the 70s', Jerry Goldsmith composed a fanfare for Paramount Television. 

Possibly the most famous variation to the logo came from the Indiana Jones films.  Using the 1950's version of A Paramount Picture logo, each logo faded into a similar shot in the films.  Each is different, but here's the first - Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) 

In 1986, a newer CGI mountain and stars was introduced.  This one continued until 2002.  In 1987, as the company celebrated their 75th anniversary, their logo was changed. 

For South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut (1999), the Paramount logo fades into the animated mountains of South Park. 

For Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003), the logos are shown underwater.

As also included the Warner Bros list, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) has buttons form the logo.

For The Last Airbender (2010), the stars resemble the "bending water" as they curve around the logo. Click here to watch.

2012 marked the 100th anniversary of Paramount, and the new 100 Anniversary logo was first premiered with Mission:Impossible - Ghost Protocol.  The new fanfare was composed by Michael Giacchino. 


  1. Too bad nobody has posted on YouTube the Coming to America version of the Paramount logo, in which the camera zooms past the mountain to reveal Prince Akeem's homeland of Zamunda. That's my favorite.

  2. That is a great one! I forgot all about it.