Thursday, May 5, 2011

Warner Bros. Logo

Speaking of Max Steiner and Warner Brothers, here are some moments in the Warner Bros. logo history and fun variations over the years.  The logo has featured a shield basically since the 1930s.  Max Steiner wrote the Warner Fanfare in 1937, which was slowly dropped out of use.  There have been official changes to the logo as Warner changed owners and subsidiaries.  Here are a handful of my favorite recent changes.  

1950s - Warner logo with Steiner Fanfare

1970s - Warner Communications "W" Designed by Saul Bass (Logo now used by Warner Music Group)

1985 - Follow That Bird. 
What a great opening to the Sesame Street film.  Certainly one of the most creative logo changes.  Brought to you by the letters W and B. (not the best video quality)

1992-current Warner Bros Family Entertainment. 
The famous shield featuring Bugs Bunny and a little bit of the Looney Toons theme found on animated and live action films/TV shows.  Instant nostalgia.

Warner Bros Current logo
This is the most common version, the rippling WB studio backlot, turning into the CGI shield with a bit of As Time Goes By playing. 

1998 - You've Got Mail
This one is quite creative.  Great use of the logo representing the film. 

2001-2011 Harry Potter film series
Harry Potter has always featured the WB logo zooming ominously through the clouds with the film's score underneath.  This video features the first six films. 

2006 - Superman Returns
This WB logo features the As Time Goes By clip turning into John Williams' Superman theme. 
(Click here to watch)

2008 - Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The WB and Paramount logos are made from falling buttons.  Very nicely made. 

2009 - Where The Wild Things Are
Another great adaptation for the film.  I remember chuckling at this one in theaters. 

2010 - Legends of the Guardians
This is just a beautiful logo. 
(Click here to watch)

2014 - The Lego Movie
As you can imagine, the logo is made out of Lego, along with the other logos and backgrounds.

There are of course, way more than I can mention, including Gypsy, Blazing Saddles, Constantine, and the various Batman and Matrix films. 


  1. Very nice collection. I actually look forward to seeing how the logo will be used in each of the subsequent Harry Potter films. Deathly Hallows :Part 1's rusting shield was really cool.

  2. Hello David! Thank you for sharing....I was wondering where I could find sheet music for any of these scores.